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Extend your beauty with the Eyelash Extensions

that all of Hollywood is raving about!

Luscious thick lashes that look and feel natural.

No need to wear Mascara.

Relaxing comfortable procedure.

*I take great pride in my work and will not sacrifce time over quality *

I am a certified "Advanced" Xtreme Lash Stylist with 7yrs of experience

"Natural" Full set:     (60 per eye)      $130

"Mink" Full set:     (70 per eye)      $150

Mink lashes are the top of the range in Eyelash Extentions. Soft and more natural looking more water resistant longer wearing

Refills are recommended every 2-3 weeks to maintain that full lash look

  Refills:   ( note.. prices based on actual application time ( not appt time ) and lash amount on average)  

  20mins :   30-50 lashes  $45

  40mins :   50-80 lashes  $60

  60mins :   80-100 lashes  $90

"Glam" set:     (up to 200 (2D) per eye )      $280

"Xtreme" set:     (up to 300 (3D) per eye)      $350

Mink lashes are used in both Glam and Xtreme sets

Refills are recommended every 3-4wks to maintain that full lash look

  Refills :   90mins  $150

*I take before and after photos of every new client so you can see how beautiful your eyes look*

 If you have pale lashes it is advised to get lashes tinted 24hrs prior to extensions.
Can also be done prior to refills.




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